Client Subsidies

100 Client Subsidies Makes an Impact

Ketamine is currently the only legal psychedelic used to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD in a psychotherapeutics setting. A study found that after 24 hours, one single ketamine infusion obtains a significant reduction in depressive symptoms. Fifty-nine percent of participants experienced a decrease in their presenting symptoms after 3 infusions each administered over 40 minutes. Another study has found that ketamine correlates with a rapid reduction in PTSD symptom severity. We are starting off with the goal of subsidizing ketamine assisted psychotherapy for 100 individuals struggling to made headway with depression, anxiety and PTSD. Its a small dent in the communities most in need but we are proud to get started!

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

Often the needs of BIPOC and Queer communities are highlighted during their particular assigned history month and forgotten throughout the rest of the year. Real change means supporting these communities 24/7, 365. What better place to positively impact a community member in need than in the place that is most impactful on their day to day life, their mental health.

Therapeutic Container

 Research shows marginalized clients feel more comfortable with providers who look like them. We seek to offer the ideal therapeutic container with providers who have shared identities as our clients in addition to financial subsidies.


Studies have found that mental health struggles may all respond positively to psychedelic-assisted therapy treatments. Legal access to these treatments is expanding, but financial barriers continue to keep this healing out of reach for many.


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy can provide life-altering healing for QT/BIPOC clients. Your donations are tax deductible which means we all win while removing financial barriers


Do you know someone who could benefit from these subsidies? Do you have a friend or family member looking for a meaningful way to give to those in need? Share our info! There are 100 folx in need and we want to help!

Mental Health in QT/BIPOC communities

Queer and BIPOC communities experience high rates of mental health challenges that are exacerbated by a lack of access to affirming mental health care.

Challenges We Are Addressing Head On

  • 4.5% of the US population identify as Queer and of those 39% reported struggling with mental health in the past year… that is 5.8 million people.
  • Over twice as many LGBTQ+ adults of color have no health coverage compared to the national average
  • Despite being the medicine holders who are integral to keeping the knowledge integral to the psychedelic community alive, Native American and Alaskan Native have the highest rates of mental health illness out of any other racial group.
  • Mental and physical health for ethnic minorities have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and these communities are at higher risk for infection, psychological distress and death.


Do I have to be BIPOC or Queer to receive a client subsidy?


What is the definition of BIPOC and what is Queer?

BIPOC means Black, Indigenous and People of Color. It is not our place to define someone’s racial or ethnic identity and we offer subsidies to anyone who self defines as Black, Indigenous or a person of color.

Queer is an umbrella term for individual who do not identify as heterosexual. We use this term to capture both sexual and gender minority orientations. Previously used as a derogatory term, members of the LGBTQAAI community have reclaimed this term as a way towards self determination and empowerment. It is not our place to define someone’s sexual or gender orientation and we offer subsidies to anyone who self defines as Queer or LBGTQQAI.


What if my therapist does not identify as BIPOC or Queer?

Client subsidies are only available to BIPOC or Queer clients working with BIPOC or Queer therapists. Client subsidies are not available for clients working with therapists who do not hold those identities.

Do you know where I can find a BIPOC or Queer therapist?

Yes! We partner with organizations who have BIPOC or Queer therapists offering Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy to BIPOC or Queer clients. Our founder, Courtney Watson, also founded Doorway Therapeutic Services. You can find a therapist on their team webpage here. If you do not see a therapist you would like to work with, please email us at [email protected] to receive an email once our directory is up and running.

Do you subsidize work with community healers?

Yes! We are fully on board with supporting our community healers. We define community healers as an individual who carries a background in one or more healing modalities such as:

 reiki, craniosacral, body work, herbalism, chakra healing, massage therapy, kinesiology, ancestral healing, therapeutic/healing touch, shamanic healing, acupuncture, sound healing, flower essences, crystal healing, dream work, spiritual inquiry, etc. They assist in promoting holistic (mind, body and spirit) healing for clients in individual or group settings. Community healers are equipped to create a safe space and restore balance within the context of self, culture, and community. At Access to Doorways we support this amazing work!

That said, we can only offer support to practitioners offering legal psychedelic assisted psychotherapy services. We’d love to talk more about supporting your work with a community member! Email us at [email protected] for more info

I have a friend who might be interested in a client subsidy. How can I connect them to your program?

Please click here to find our client subsidy application. Copy and paste the url and send it to your friends!

Do I have to live in CA for receive a subsidy?

NO! Our goals is to assist anyone looking for assistance paying for ketamine assisted therapy across the United States. Although we are located in Oakland, CA. We want to support as many QT/BIPOC folx as we can nationwide!

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